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Multi award winning Artist Vincent Brown is based in the south west of England and produces figurative art relating to the human form, predominately the painted portrait. His work has won him much acclaim and has been exhibited at some of the most prestigious portrait exhibitions in recent years, including the BP Portrait Awards and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

Some comments on Vincent Brown's portraits -

'...beautiful and tender painting which showed great insight into the character of the sitters.'
- Sir Peter Blake RA, Artist.

'...unsparing exactitude and great technical competence.'
- Rachel Campbell-Johnston, Art Critic, The Times.

'...looking at the figures in the painting you feel as if you are looking at a real life story.'
- Bel Mooney, Author.

'...his portraits display a sensitivity to character and luminance that hold the attention well beyond the frame of the canvas.'
- Simon Webb, Art Critic, Metro.

'...has an intensity to it that is incredibly both moving and impressive.'
- Dr Alexander Sturgis, Director of The Holburne Museum of Art.

Vincent with his Wife Liana at The National Portrait Gallery in London, for the opening of The BP Portrait Awards. This was the second time in three years Vincent had been selected for the international portrait exhibition.

The acrylic on linen portrait painting of his parents entitled 'Mr & Mrs Brown' then toured to The Laing and also The Scottish National Portrait Gallery before being exhibited as part of the 'Painting Aardman' solo exhibition at The Holburne Museum of Art.
BP Portrait Awards
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Watch the live BBC broadcast from the 'Painting Aardman' exhibition.

Featuring the unveiling of the
'Supper at Aardman' portrait.

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